Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians

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Product Ref: SKI005

Price: £23.80

This plastic boxed set makes 5 of either the Sicarian Infiltrators, or the Sicarian Ruststalkers, and includes all the weapons and options available to them in Codex Skitarii;

Infiltrators are former Skitarii with an aptitude for causing fear amongst the foe. Upgraded by the Tech Priests, the Infiltrators sport domed helmets that constantly emit a stream of noospheric data that is deadly to nearby foes. The infiltrators use this interferencde to deadly effect, and are often found in the thickest of fighting.

Ruststalkers are those Skitarii whose bodies have been so ravaged by war that the Tech Priests are able to use what little remains of their organic bodies to graft all manner of deadly weapons and upgrades to them. Wielding deadly Transonic Blades or even the lethal Chordclaw, the Rustalkers are peerless assassins.

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