Age of Sigmar

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Product Ref: WAOS001

Price: £63.00

The End Times devastated the Warhammer World, but from the ashes, a new order has arisen and now is the Age of Sigmar!

This fantastic boxed set contains everything you need to get playing games in the Age of Sigmar including:


Background Book


Measuring Sticks

and 2 complete armies; the Stormcast Eternals and the Bloodtide of Khorne!

-1 Lord Celestant on Dracoth

-1 Lord-Relictor

1 Unit of 3 Retributors

1 Unit of 3 Prosecutors

2 Units of 5 Liberators

1 Lord of Khorne

1 Bloodsecrator

1 Bloodstoker

1 Unit of 5 Blood Warriors

2 Units of 10 Bloodreavers

1 Khargorath

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