Archaon Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse

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Product Ref: AOSARCH001

Price: £85.00

Archaon, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse, Herald of Ruin, Destroyer of the World That Was, The Three-eyed King, Everchosen. By many names and titles is he known, for his legacy and reputation far exceed any other being in creation. He is the the Chaos Gods chosen champion, although whether this is becasue they have no other choice is unclear. Either way, Archaon led the vast hosts of Chaos into the mortal realms and brought about the defeat of Sigmar and his withdrawl to Azyrheim. The Age of Chaos was his to fashion, and only now, at the dawn of the Age of Sigmar, has he returned. Archaon, astride Dhorgar; the Steed of the Apocalypse, will see the might Stormcasts struck down one by one, and ultimately, the invasion of Azyr will be his to command....

This vast plastic kit contains 1 Archaon Everchosen on Dhorgar. Standing well over 30cm tall, he is the single largest miniature in the Age of Sigmar range and with good reason- he is easily the most powerful single model available to date!

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