Drukhari Archon

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Product Ref: DE019

Price: £12.00

Cruel beyond human ability, skilled beyond compare and devious beyond mortal understanding, the Archins of the Dark Eldar Kabals are some of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy. Not because of their deadly skills with blade or pistol, not even because of the incredible technological weaponry they wield, no, the Archons are feared for their labyrinthine minds capable of plotting to steal away millions of captives as fast as possible. Maximum damage, minumum fuss. Truly they are a foe to be feared by all the galaxys races!

This brand new plastic miniature represents the aloof, cruel nature of these beings perfectly with its imperious pose. Wearing a cape of flayed skin, and wielding a pistol and Huskblade, this is one deadly looking model! Not only that but he is completley compatible with other kits, allowing for you to build your own unique character!

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