Astra Militarum Ogryns

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Product Ref: AM016

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Some worlds of the Imperium exist in a very different environment to that of Holy Terra. On these worlds, the human genome has been transformed (some might say corrupted) into new forms. These beings are known as abhumans, and the most famous (and useful) of all, are the Ogryns

Massive slabs of muscle, bone and not much else, the Ogryns are the blunt instrument of choice for many Imperial Commanders. With limited intelligence, Ogryns need a lot of instruction and can only operate simple weaponry. Thankfully the Ripper Gun is just such a weapon, firing huge bullets or simply to be used as a club!

Some Ogryns show incredible loyalty to their masters and are often formed up into squads designed to defend the "little folk" behind them. These Bullgryns get snazzy carapace armour and Slabshields or Brute shields to help protect their allies. Some even get might power mauls or even the terrificly loud grenadier gauntlet!

Either way, these big brutes are an essential, if dimwitted addtion to any Astra Militarum Force! Contains 3 multi-part plastic models.

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