Battletome Seraphon

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Product Ref: AOSSER001

Price: £25.50

The ancient and unknowable forces of the Seraphon descend from their hidden realms is Azyr to utterly annihilate the forces of Chaos. Once the guardians of the Old Ones sacred plans on the world-that-was, the Slann and their Seraphon soldiers have turned their considerable wrath upon the despoilers of that world- the forces of Chaos. Wherever Chaos can be found, the Seraphon strike without warning to rend, tear, bite and hew mortal, beats and daemon alike.

This hardback Battletome features brand new background for the Seraphon including how the Lizardmen survived the End Times and what became of them in the Age of Chaos. It also features warscrolls for every unit currently available, as well as Battleplans and Battalions to help you play with the Seraphon in your games of Age of Sigmar

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