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Product Ref: CD020

Price: £59.50

As the End Times draw to a close, the mightiest beings of Chaos take to the field. Daemons of terrible power manifest and begin the work of their patron, and for Khorne, the Bloodthirsters are his chosen vassals. Beings of pure rage and violence, the Bloodthirsters are the most dangerous foe any mortal will every face.

This amazing new plastic kit allows you to build one of 3 types of Bloodthirster:

  • The Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury- The most numerous of the Bloodthirsters are the most recognisable: beastly face, huge axe and thrashing whip!


  • The Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage- Slayers of beasts, the Insenstae Rage wield huge axes designed to slay the largest prey!


  • Wrath of Khorne- Khornes favoured Bloodthirsters who are sent to slay those who stand in the way of their masters designs. They wield an axe and an immense flail.
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