Celestant Prime

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Product Ref: AOSSE006

Price: £40.00

Upon return to Azyrheim, the Stormcast Eternals presented the God-King Sigmar with his fabled Hammer- Ghal Maraz. Immediately he strode into the Forbidden Vault and awoke the first of the Stormcast Eternals- The Celestant Prime.

Striking from the heavens like an avenging angel, the Celestant Prime wields the powerful Cometstrike Sceptre and Ghal Maraz itself, ensuring Sigmars wrath is delivered to the followers of Chaos once again. Borne upon mighty wings, and surrounded by an orrery of celestial fates, he is an imposing figure, feared by all.

This plastic kit contains 1 Celestant Prime figure, who stands as tall as Nagash and the Glottkin when mounted upon his Orrery of Celestial Fates. Truly this is an incredible centerpiece figure for your Stormcast collection!

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