Citadel Brush

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The new Citadel Brush range is designed to be compatible with the current citadel paints and is labelled accordingly so that you'll always have the perfect brush to hand!

Base Brushes: As the name suggests, perfect for applying basecoats with the two larger brushes featuring tapered ends to allow you greater control over painting larger surfaces.

Shade Brushes: designed to hold a large amount of Shade Paint whilst retaining a point giving you excellent control over your shading.

Dry Brushes: Designed with Ox hair, these brushes are far stiffer and thus ideal for the heavier work that drybrushing entails.

The Artificer Brush is made of the finest quality sable hair, and is recommended for those high detail jobs!

The Glaze brush is designed for fine glaze work and as such features a very fine tip!

Scenery Brushes: Perfect for large scale basing and drybrushing, the medium is even great for doing large tanks like the Baneblade!

Texture Spreader: a two-ended nylon spreader with a scoop and spreader part which is perfect for applying texture paint to bases.

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