Codex Death Guard

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One of the Emperors 20 sons, geneticaly engineered using arcane sciences to be the perfect generals, Mortarion was, like his brothers, cast from Terra before his birth and was discovered on the world of Barbarus, a toxic death world where the wealthy rulers lived above the choking smog. Mortarion led his men above the clouds and cast down the rulers, just as the Emperor arrived to reclaim his lost son.

Mortarion was given comand of the Death Guard, the XIVth Legiones Astartes and became reknowned for their brutal, relentless assaults. Preffering infantry assaults over mechanised warfare, Mortarion became the ideal choice for those battles that required an unyielding anvil. Sadly this was the begining of the end, for Mortarion desired glory for himself and was soon corrupted by Horus during the Heresy.

Stranded on their way to Terra, Nurgle himself dd what no other had done before, he broke the spirit of the legion and remoulded them in his own image. The foul disease riddled creatures that landed on Terra were no longer mortal men, but living hosts of every known disease and plague. Now they fight across the galaxy, spreading Nurgles gifts, whether desired or not!

This Codex features 33 datasheets for using your Death guard collection in battle! It also has unique stratagems, special rules and background, as well as a superb miniature gallery of the entire Death Guard range!

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