Deathwatch Overkill

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Ghosar Quintus has fallen silent, its tithes have been withheld and now the Deathwatch have been sent to investigate. A body of warriors drawn from across every Chapter of Imperial Space Marines, the Deathwatch are the foremost hunters of the alien, and are found everywhere the spoor of the xenos raises its unholy head.

Lead by Ortan Cassius, the Deathwatch descend on Ghosar Quintus, but they are in for a fight- the genecults have taken control and they wil not relinquish it lightly! Long before the Imperium learned of the true threat of genestealers (and the Tyranid race), the genecults are a curious mix of worshippers and willing supplicants to a mighty Patriarch- a huge psychic genestealer variant whose only goal is to strengthen the psyhichic beacon that will draw the Tyranid Hive fleets closer to the galaxy.

Time is ticking, can the Deathwatch stop the genecult before its too late... only you can decide!


Deathwatch Overkill is a complete self contained boxed game geaturing 50 stunning plastic citadel miniatures, 8 beautifully rendered board tiles, 14 character cards, 30 broodmind cards, dice and a full 48-page rule book!


Features 11 miniatures; 1 Ortan Cassius, 1 Blood Raven Librarian, a Salamander Terminator, a White Scar Biker, Blood Angel and Ravenguard Vanguard veterans and 5 sternguard veterans. Featuring all of the first founding Chapters, these figures are sure to be popular aongst collectors of all Space Marines!


Features 39 Miniatures: 1 Genestealer Patriarch, 1 Magus, 1 Primus, 2 Familiars, 2 Purestrain genestealers, 2 Hybrids with mining laser, 4 Abberants (2 Power Hammers, 2 Power Picks), 12 1st/2nd Generation Hybrids and 14 3rd/4th Generation Hybrids

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