Dreadball Season 5 Rulebook

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Forget what you think you know! The X-citement of Xtreme comes to the DGB – sort of!

New teams, new rules and a whole lot of fresh havoc can only mean one thing – it’s new season time for the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport™. The regs get relaxed for the first time ever to allow modified organics, tailor made robots and even experimental limb grafts in the ongoing search for the perfect DreadBall player. Exhibition Matches allow coaches to go wild, drafting in players of any shape, size or species for one off matches where anything goes. Think you could create the perfect combination of Guards, Jacks and Striers? Now’s the time to prove it. Free Agents arrive to lend their arms, tentacles and teeth to the highest bidder. New teams bring the Xtreme edge – or do they? And of course, new MVP’s arrive to tip the balance for whichever team can afford them.

Tear up the rules you think you knew – this is a whole new ball game.

This expansion features rules for customising your own players with cybernetic and biological engineering, adds a host of new abilities and MVPs, and gives your DreadBall games a touch of the Xtreme. It also introduces four new teams – the Convicts, the Kalyshi, the Kovossian Mutants and the Mechanites.


A copy of the main DreadBall rulebook is required to use the contents of this expansion.

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