Electro Priests

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Product Ref: AMEP001

Price: £21.00

The Electro-priests are a cult within the Cult Mechanicus devoted to understanding the Motive Force which they express through the grafting of sub-dermal implants known as electoos. These arcane upgrades allow the priests to channel vast reservoirs of electricity and other power sources which they unleash in battle in a hail of deadly energy!

The Corpuscarii are living batteries, who harness electrical energy and fire it in great sheets of lightning from their electrostatic gauntlets whereas the Fulgurites wield electroleech staves to steal away the electrical life forces of living creatures. Despite their opposing views, none can deny their potency upon the battlefield!

This plastic kit contains 5 Electro-priests which can be built as either Fulgurites or Corpuscarii.

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