Eternal Guard

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Product Ref: WE008

Price: £19.99

During the Winter, as Athel Loren itself falls silent, so too do its fae guardians, the Dryads, Treeking and Treemen. During this thime, it is the Elves who take up arms to defend the borders of their home. Each Lord maintains a standing army, and bodyguard of the elite Eternal Guard, ever vigilant warriors equipped with mighty Asrai Spears!

Wildwood Rangers are those unfortunate Elves who have in fact suffered at the hands of the forest spirits. These embittered soldiers take up a Glaive and swear to protect Athel lorens borders, so that others might be spared the losses they have suffered.

This kit makes 10 plastic Wood Elf Eternal Guard or Wildwood Rangers. There are full command options included as well as all the weapon and equipment options allowed for both units.

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