Flash Gitz

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Product Ref: ORKS17

Price: £27.00

Sometimes, an Ork can get too big for his boots. Amongst the klanz, the nature of this varies, for example, Bad Moonz sometimes become too ostentatious, Goffs get too serious, or Defskulls nick one too many of their mates gunz. When this happens, the ork in question is usually ejected from the klan (preferably by force), and so he begins his life as a freeboter!

Freebooterz roam the galaxy as pirates and mercenaries, working for any warboss who can afford their unique "skillz". Equipped with the fearsome Snazzgun, a freebooter is a sight to be feared! Constantly tinkering and kustomizin' their Snazzguns, these "Flash Gitz" as other orks call them, find themselves in charge of a piece of incrediblely powerful orky technology that they have no idea how to operate reliably!

This plastic kit allows you to build 5 Flash Gitz, equipped with the mighty Snazzgun! Each gun comes in many separate parts, allowing you to build whatever your imagination can come up with! Plasma coolant chamber attached to the ammo feed? Done. Multiple barrels for extra firepower? Sorted! You can even theme the bits so you have solid slug or energy weapons! Not only that, but these incredible (Nob-sized) miniatures feature all maner of pirate-themed bitz, from bandanas and tricorns, to bionik legs and arms! "Konvershuns" have never been so simple!

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