Frostgrave Wizards

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Wizards in Frostgrave all belong to a particular school of magic and it is this choice that will most influence how you act in your games!

Chronomancers: Masters of time and space

Elementalists: Wizards of spectacular and destructive spells

Enchanters: Their expertise with rune forging ensures only the deadliest weapons are carried by their men

Illusionists: Weavers of hidden ways and masters of confusion and misdirection

Necromancer: Masters of the dead, they use the plentiful bodies in frostgrave to assist them!

Sigilists: Crafters of scrolls and grimoires, none have access to more knowledge than they

Soothsayers: Seers and scriers all, they can see the future and act accordingly

Summoners: Wizards who dabble in binding and commanding demons to their cause

Thaumaturges: Healers and defenders of all things good and pure

Witches: The powers of nature are theirs to command.


These blister packs contain one Wizard and an Apprentice of your choice in pewter

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