Gangs of Commoragh

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Product Ref: 40KGOC

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At the centre of the webway, like a vast bloated spider, lies the city of Commoragh, lair of the Dark Eldar. They are the most evil, wicked and cruel creatures their race has produced, and life there is a constant battle for supremacy- survival of the fittest is a mere sideshow...

The skies above twisted Commoragh are filled with feuding gangs of Reavers and Hellions, each trying to outdo the other with gravity defying feats of skill and daring. The Reavers speed along at incredible rates, cutting their foes in half with the very jetbikes they ride, whilst simultaneously firing deadly weaponry at the foes ahead. The Hellions ride swift and lethal skyboards, and are adept at using their glaives to increase their manouverability, and of course lethality.

Gangs of Commoragh is an amazing boxed game featuring 6 Reaver Jetibikes and 10 Hellions, representing 2 gangs fighting it out in the skies above Commoragh. It includes all the tokens and scenery you will need, as well as a full rulebook with options for single games or longer campaigns where your gang gains new skills and experience!

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