Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch

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Product Ref: AOSEVGS001

Price: £20.40

Archaon subjugated the Gaunt Summoner coven a long time ago, turning their potent magical energies to his own twisted ends. Always 9 there are, a sacred number to their god; Tzeentch, and each is a powerful warlock. Riding atop magical Discs of Tzeentch, the Gaunt Summoners are protected from the grim frenzy of combat, and are instead free to unleash their terrible magicks upon the foes of the Everchosen with their deadly Changestaffs as they utter incantations from their Book of Profane Secrets.

This plastic kit contains 1 Gaunt Summoner on Disc of Tzeentch.

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