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Product Ref: ORK001

Price: £55.25

Orks are a brutal savage species, possessed of a singlular mindset, and usually that is to kill! Occasionally, an Ork Mek will turn this singular mindset to other pursuits. Once in a while, these meks and big meks create something truly monstrous. Built in the image of Gork (or possibly Mork), giant walking behemoths stomp, smash and shoot their way to the enemy.

The fightiest, shootiest walkers are called Gorkanauts, after the Ork God "Gork" who is known for being brutal, but kunnin'. Those that meks themselves piolt are known as Morkanauts, after the god "Mork", who is known for being Kunnin' but brutal... Each walker is equipped with a massive powered claw, and a choice of weapons ranging from the Deffstorm mega-shoota, to the kustom mega-kannon. Not only that but its distended belly can carry six orks, perfect for protecting your burna boyz or Nobz!

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