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Product Ref: DE016

Price: £13.00

Twisted and depraved the Dark Eldar may be, but the Hamonculii of the Covens are a step beyond. Utterly insane, thoroughly evil and pure genius, the beings live for pain. Their every skill is bent towards twisting and shaping flesh, prolonging life (however gruesome) and inflicting incredible pain on their foes. Their skils alone keep the Dark Eldar functionally immortal, and many are the Lords and Ladies who have back up bodies crafted by a personal Hamonculus. But woe betide any who cross them, for the Haemonculus are nothing if not spiteful!

This brand new plastic character is an incredible sculpt, that wields a deadly array of weapons and equipment. Floating along on a gruesome spinal column, a cowled in a long coat of sutured skin, this is one model every Dark Eldar collector should own!

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