Halo Ground Command

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Spartan Games is hugely excited to announce Halo: Ground Command, the latest wargame to be set in the Halo universe. Using stunning 1/100th (15mm) scale figures and vehicles, the Battle Force game features powerful, yet easy to master game mechanics and has been created to truly realise the atmosphere of the Halo video games on tabletops around the world.

Developed in close co-operation with 343 Industries, the game miniatures bring Halo massed battle warfare to wargamers and Halo fans like never before!

The Halo: Ground Command, Battle for Reach 2-player set is an easy way for gamers to start playing large scale ground warfare and comes with the following components:

  • Full colour Halo: Ground Command Rulebook 
  • Statistic Sheets (UNSC and Covenant) 
  • Reference Sheet 
  • 20x Custom Dice, 6x Halo Command Dice and 4x D6 
  • Game Tokens (Damage, Activation and Cooldown) 
  • Shadow Templates – UNSC Pelican and Covenant Phantom Dropships 
  • Halo Scenery – Bunkers and Scatter Terrain 
  • UNSC 1,250 Point Battle Group 
  • Covenant 1,250 Point Battle Group

The UNSC Battle Group is composed of the following Elements:

  • Command Base (1x Officer, 1x Medic and 1x Radio) 
  • 2 Trooper Units each comprising: 3x Trooper Bases (3x Troopers on each), 1x HMG Base (HMG, Gunner, Spotter) 
  • Fire Support Unit comprising: 2x Trooper Bases (3x Troopers on each), 2x Rocket Team Bases (2x Troopers with Rockets on each) 
  • 3x Spartan Bases (1x Spartan Assault Rifle, 1x Spartan Laser, 1x Spartan Rocket Launcher) 
  • 2x Warthogs (armed with Chainguns and Trooper Driver and Gunner)

The Covenant Battle Group is composed of the following Elements:

  • Command Base (1x Zealot, 1x Elite Minor) 
  • 3 Grunt Units each comprising: 2x Grunt Bases (3x Grunts), 1x Fuel Rod Team Base (2x Grunts with Fuel Rods) and 1x Elite Minor Base (1x Elite Minor, 2x Grunts) 
  • Hunter Unit comprising: 2x Hunters 
  • 3x Ghosts (with Grunt Drivers)
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