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As the Malign Portents begin to echo across the mortal realms, there are some who feel the touch of destiny upon them, beings who can interpret the Portents with seeming ease and accuracy, and thus have risen to positions of prominence or authority. There is one Harbinger available to each Grand Alliance and they are:

Lord Ordinator Vorrus Starstrike: Architect, engineer and star-scryer, Vorrus is a stormcast eternal whose unique abilites have allowed him to forsee to doom coming from Syish, and to fortify the free cities accordingly.

Darkoath Warqueen Marakarr Blood-sky: Uniting the barbaran tribes, Marakarr has been chosen as the champion of the Dark Gods for this endeavour to Shyish. There, she will slaughter any who dare to defy the will of Chaos.

Keldrek, Knight of Shrouds: The Knights of Shrouds are treacherous souls, once-men who bartered away their souls for deliverance from death. Yet in his heart, Keldrek recalls his former life, and that pearl of regret ganws at his soul every second, turning him into a bitter, angry monster...

Fungoid Cave Shaman Snazzgar Stinkmullet: When a grot shaman eats too many madcap mushrooms, he begins to transform. Stinkmullet is no exception, a huge fungoid growth crowning his snarling head, but giving him unparralled magical focus. He will lead the forces of destruction to the greatest waaagh! since Gorkamorka himself!

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