Harlequin Troupe

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Product Ref: HAR001

Price: £20.40

The Harlequins are a sub-set of the Eldar, that most ancient and enigmatic of races. In peacetime, the Harlequins put on shows of incredible beauty and wonder to tell the stories of the old Eldar race, from the times before the Fall, and of the Fall itself. 

A Troupe is led by a Troupe Master, it is he who plays the Laughing God in their performances. In times of war, the Harlequins leave their home (the infamous Black Library), and it is these Troupes who form the core of any Harlequin detachment. Wielding an array of deadly weaponry from the lethal Neuro Disruptor, to the now legendary Harelquins Kiss, these warriors are a force to be feared!

This plastic kit allows you to build 5 Harlequins and a Troupe Master. Included on the sprue are all the various weapon options and upgrades from the Harlequins Caress and Power Sword for melee, to the Fusion Pistol and Neuro Disruptor for ranged punch

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