Imperial Knight Warden

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Product Ref: IK002

Price: £80.00

Fear the march of the Knights!

This immense miniature is the ultimate ally for any Imperial army. Able to build either a Knight Warden,Gallant or Crusader, as well as the Paladin and Errant from the kit, this towering plastic miniature is essential for all Imperial generals, from Chapter Masters to Inquisitors!

The Knight Paladin carries the fearsome rapid-fire battle cannon, a weapon that fires 2(!) large blasts at ap3- take that Chaos Marines!

The Knight Errant carries the deadly Thermal cannon, a melta weapon with a large blast! Constantly getting thrashed by opposing heavy infantry or tanks? This guy has you covered!

The Knight Warden brings the dreaded Avenger Gatling Cannon, a weapon with enough shots to level any foe!

The Knight Gallant features a pair of deadly close combat weapons in the form of a reaper chainsowrd and a thunderstrike gauntlet, perfect for smashing monstrous creatures and vehicles to pieces!

The Knight Crusader is the heaviest Knight in the kit, featuring no less than 5 different guns including the Avenger Gatling Cannon, Thermal Cannon (or Rapid Fire Battle Cannon), Skyspear Missile Launcher (or alternatively the Icarus Autocannon or Ironstorm Missile Pod) as well as a choice of heavy stubbers, meltagun and heavy flamer!

These parts are all interchangeable and can be used on the existing Imperial Knight kit, allowing for endless flexibility in your growing household!

This plastic kit makes one Imperial Knight Warden and an Imperial Knight Transfer Sheet. The transfer sheet includes the iconography for The Knightly Houses of Terryn, Hawkshroud and Cadmus, The Adeptus Mechanicus Houses of Raven and Taranis, Obsidian Knight, the Freeblade, Aquilas and kill markings.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly

***Please Note this Product is not our Core Stock and will take 7-10 days Delivery from our suppliers***

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