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Product Ref: SKI002

Price: £25.00

The Skitarii employ rapid moving walkers as their outriders known as Ironstrider Engines, of which two are the most common; the Ironstrider Ballistarius and the Sydonian Dragoons. Both are based around the Ironstrider engine, a bipedal machine with a slaved servitor acting as its pilot; the machine mimicing its limbless movements. The rider atop performs various roles depending on what is required from the main force

The Ironstrider Ballistarius is a mobile weapons platform used for hunting enemy vehicles and aircraft with its advanced targeting augmetics.

The Sydonian Dragoons charge into battle wielding Taser Lances which they use to deadly effect against both infantry and armour.

This plastic kit makes a single Ironstrider which can be assembled as either an Ironstrider Ballistarius or a Sydonian Dragoon, and comes with all of the equimpent option available to both types from Cognis Lascannons to Phosphor Serpenta.

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