Kataphron Battle Servitors

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Product Ref: AMKBS001

Price: £29.75

To become a servitor is to have transgressed in one of a myriad of ways that a citizen of the Imperium can. The laws are harsh and unforgiving, and transformation into a servitor is seen as a penance for crimes commited in life. Lobotomised and heavily re-engineered, Battle Servitors owe little to the humanity they have left behind, and care even less for those they serve and protect.

Kataphron Destroyers carry heavy weapons designed to rip apart infantry of all kinds with grav-cannons, plama culverins and phosphor blasters. These sturdy tracked beasts can advance upon their foes whilst hammering them with insane amounts of fire!

Kataphron Breachers are more heavily armoured and carry the deadly heavy arc rifle or the torsion cannon as well as the powerful arc claw or hydraulic claw- perfect for shattering vehicles and bunkers!

This kit makes 3 plastic Kataphron Battle Servitors.

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