Khorne Wrathmongers Skullreapers

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Product Ref: ETA003

Price: £29.00

Wrathmongers are amongst Khornes most favoured soldiers, imbued with Daemonic energy and wielding deadly wrath-flails! Their impact on infantry and cavalry alike cannot be understated, they are deadly in every sense of the word.

Skullreapers are those denizens of the Chaos Wastes who devote their time to hunting the most ferocious beasts imaginable, with their deadly enscorcelled weaponry. Few, if any can tand in their way, their skulls already claimed by their hateful Lord.

This plastic kit allows you to build five of either Wrathmongers or Skullreapers, equipped with wrath-flails and paired enscorcelled weapons respectively, and includes parts to build an optional standard bearer.

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