Maggoth Lords

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Product Ref: WOC024

Price: £39.00

As the End Times dawn, the champions of all involved rise to the fore. Nurgle has seen the rebirth of Nagash, and cannot allow him to succeed, for if he achieves his goal of a deathless world, then there will be no more disease, no more growth or life, and thus would Nurgle perish.

To combat the Lord of Undeath, Nurgle has sent forth his Maggoth Lords, 3 champions riding atop the terrifying Pox Maggoths of Icehorn Peak. The first, and mightiest is Orghotts Daemonspew, the leader of the Maggoth lords. He wields his long handled Rotaxes to deadly effect as he strikes down from atop Whippermaw. Next to him strides the Nurgling-blessed Morbidex Twiceborn, a mortal given the form of a Nurgling. Finally they are joined by Bloab Rotspawned, a sorcerer of fearsome power, who rides aboard Bilespurter (an apt name!).

This superb plastic kit builds any of the 3 variants of Maggoth Lord, allowing you to bring their power where you army needs it.

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