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Product Ref: ORKS22

Price: £32.30

The biggest, baddest Nobz inevitably end up acquiring so much wealth and power that they "kommushun" themselves an armoured suit unlike anything else. Mega armour is the very best in ork protection and rivals even the Imperiums Terminator warplate. 

Of course the Ork version is much less elegant, but the effect is profound! The Ork inside becomes akin to a deff dread, a hulking iron behemoth equipped with deadly kombi-weapons and ferocious claws and buzzsaws. A charge from a unit of Meganobz is to all intents and purposes, like being hit by a tank. With claws. Repeatedly....

This amazing plastic kit contains enough parts to build 3 Meganobz. It also contains parts to build one as a Mega-armoured Mek, with the option for either a Kustom forcefield or a Tellyport Blasta, and even includes a handy little grot assistant who carrys an oil can (in case of emergencies!).

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