Mek Gun

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Product Ref: ORKS019

Price: £23.80

Ork artillery, as with all things Orky, is quite unlike anything the other races field. Based on a barely understood, innate grasp of technology, the Meks manage to cobble together all manner of weird and wonderful weapons. Some of the more powerful are mounted on wheeled platforms that are hooked up to trukks and battlewagons, and are towed into place as battle begins.

The gretchin crew have immense fun blasting the enemy (and occassionally their ork allies) to bits! This kit contains enough parts to build 6 gretchin crew and a Mek Gun, which can have any of the following weapons added:

The Bubblechukka: A weapon that utilises forcefield technology to crush their foes in a sphere of crackling force!

The Kustom Mega-Kannon: A powerful weapon that uses arcs of electricity to blast armoured foes to bits!

The Traktor Kannon: This weapon uses an anti-grav beam to drag passing aircraft out of the skies!

The Smasha Gun: This uses lifta-droppa technology to literally pick up enemy vehicles and smashthem back down to earth! 

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