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Product Ref: SKAR001

Price: £68.00

Once Khornes mightiest champion, Skarbrand is now fallen from grace. Tzeentch looked upon Skarbrand and saw a way to weaken his brother and so fuelled Skarbrands rage to incredible levels, so incredible that he actually struck a blow against Khorne himself. Though the impact did little but chip Khornes armour, his rage eclipsed that of all others and he choked every last vesitge of personality from the wayward Bloodthirster. Finally, Khorne hurled his former champion across the Realm of Chaos for 8 nights, until the impact finally shattered what little sanity remained, along with his wings.

Now Skarbrand roams the mortal and immortal realms as an avatar of hatred. He exists only to slaughter, ironically becoming more dedicated to Khorne since his fall, leaving Tzeentch ever more frustrated.

Skarbrand is a plastic kit that can be assembled for Warhammer 40,000 or Age of Sigmar, and he towers over almost every miniature in either range! 

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