Skyweaver Jetbikes

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Product Ref: HAR003

Price: £20.40

Skyweavers are, like all Eldar technology, swift, lethal and accurate to a mind-boggling degree. The pilot hurtles his craft at immense speeds, weaving like a ballerina through any and all terrain. His co-rider meanwhile spins the deadly Star Bolas or Zephyrglaive in his hands, striking like the cosmic serpent to lop off heads and limbs in displays of immense and terrible beauty

This plastic boxed set allows you to build a pair of Skyweaver Jetbikes, with options to equip the rider with either the standard Star Bolas, or the optional Zephyrglaive, and the bikes themselves come with either a shuriken cannon or haywire cannon making them deadly against infantry and vehicles alike!

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