Toxicrene Maleceptor

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Product Ref: TYR017

Price: £37.00

This brand new plastic kit contains parts to build the toxic nightmare that is the Toxicrene, or the psychic sniper, the Maleceptor! Rules for these creatures are also included in the box, meaning you can add them to your hive mind immediately!

The Toxicrene is an evolution of the Venomthrope, a vast tentacled beast that pumps out a fog of deadly tyranid micro-organisms. Deadly to infantry, this cloud can also pose a threat to damaged or open toped vehicles with its armourbane special rule!

The Maleceptor is the next phase in Zoanthrope evolution, its huge carapce housing six brain-like nodules that channel the power of the Hive Mind. This takes the form of a deadly psychic shooting attack that can snipe individuals from their un its, or give characters a really bad headache!

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