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Product Ref: TYR018

Price: £32.00

As if having your home world invaded by ravenous beasts from beyond the galaxy wasn't bad enough, now they've got a trasnport beast that means no where is safe! Mimicking the drop pods of the adeptus astartes, the Tyrannocyte can transport 20 figures or 1 monstrous creature right into the heart of enemy lines! Unlike a drop pod, it can then move around shooting things with its 5(!) guns!

Alternatively, if you are a more static kind of player, you could build the Sporocyst, effectively a Tyranid artillery platform. This big beasty cannot move, but has some fearsome firepower, can be deployed via deepstrike (great for objective denial), and once per game, can produce a terrifying Mucolid Spore (included in the kit), a huge floating spore mine that can even hit flyers!

As an added bonus this kit also contains 6 plastic spore mines, for even more explody-goodness! What more can you need!

Large plastic kit contains 8 miniatures

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