Assault Squad

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Product Ref: SM026

Price: £21.00

Assault Marines are warriors without peer; ferociously mastering the art of hand to hand combat with every foe of the Emperor. Equipped with all manner of close range weaponry, the assault marines are typically borne aloft by jump packs, huge thrusters that lauch them skywards, before plummeting with metoeric force into enemy lines. Alternatively, where terrain is a factor, the assault marines deploy via drop pod or rhino, taking the fight to the enemy protected by blessed adamantium.

This plastic kit contains 5 Assault Marines with enough parts to equip them with all manner of weapons from the classic bolt pistoand chainsword to the plasma pistol and flamer for close ranged firepower, or the lethal power fist, thunder hammer or the legendary Eviscerator chainsword!

Models are supplied with jump pack torsos and standard torsos, as well as 32mm bases

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